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Hello and Welcome to our blog! 

I am Sandrine, or San or Sardini; as I used to be called by my husband’s sweet grandmother! You might have guessed it is a French name, I was born in France after all, and you might have also heard this name before on a little-known sitcom, Friends! Remember when Rachel was thinking of names for her baby girl? Yes, Sandrine was a choice for one episode! Sadly, she went with Emma.

I am a "ON THE ROAD" food photographer with my family. I ended up in food photography because I was born into the food industry. I spent a lot of time in my parents’ restaurants. My dad was a classically trained French chef and my mom was taking care of business. And of course, my entire family cooks, so my time was spent in the kitchens of my grandmothers, aunts and cousins; stealing pieces of food while also listening to the town’s gossip.

Now you might wonder why I have a page on our travel blog dedicated to me? That's because part of the reason we decided to RV full time was because of my disease. I have Kidney Disease and I am in need of a transplant. My disease is progressing and I will start to feel more sick and just generally unwell. Having a "sticks and bricks" home is not very conducive to traveling all the time and as my situation worsens I won't be able to do as many things as I want to. We love to travel and go on adventures and I want to be able to do these things now. And after the transplant things will change, and we really don't know what it's going to be like. You should also know that my wonderful husband, Steve, will be a kidney donor. We don't match, but there is a Swap Program where you go in as a couple so that he can give a kidney to someone who matches him and I receive one that matches me perfectly! I like to call it the Give One Get One kidney swap! We only have this one life so why not make the best of it now, create memories, make deeper connections with the ones I love and have no regrets! And on my "sick days" I can just relax where ever we are.. i.e. the beach, Acadia National Park, Yellowstone, I mean really, just pick a destination and I'll be happy! 

Life moves really fast! How is it that I have a 15 year old son already. It feels like yesterday when I was bringing him home from the hospital as a newborn. Steve and Aleks have been such great supporters that I want to have more time with them doing the things we love to do and not worry about all of he upkeep of a traditional home, or how I am going to be able to work and pack the RV and get ready for a long travel day on "my sick days" which have been more frequent. 

Family is really important to us and we hope to grow closer together and make a difference in each other's lives! I am also looking forward to going back to France to visit my family. 

You only live once - life is short, make it an adventure! Jump in and follow us as we travel, live and go through the kidney transplant process while on the road. 

XO, San

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