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    Places and Travel

We get asked all the time about the places we have been and where we are going next.  This is a question that has a constantly changing answer.  We are always moving around, seeing new places, and this answer can change weekly!  So instead of trying to sum it all up here, I am tracking a few maps for each region in the US, and includes a list of things we have done, and a list of things we plan to do.

This page has LOTS of stuff, and not all the states are represented yet in their regions, as I have just not been able to get to them all yet... but we are working on it!  Select a region from the list below, and you can see our travels and recommendations provided by friends.  If there is something you think we should go see and it is not on our list, drop us a line at

Click on a region and a new map page will open with an interactive map.  This is best viewed on a larger screen such as a computer or tablet.  Because there is so much detail in the map, it does not read well on a phone (sorry!)



  • Green = Places we have already been to

  • Red = Places we really want to see

  • Yellow = Places we would like to get to, but not really required

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