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This is us - Steve and San (short for Sandrine). We are modern nomads, wanderers at heart, and have always had the travel bug. That is what lead us to living fulltime in an RV, and travelling to as many amazing places as we can!


We started our RV journey over 10 years ago. Back in 2018 we decided we wanted to make this a fulltime move! So, we packed up, sold our house and almost everything in it, and hit the road in February of 2019! At that time, our Son Aleks was 15 and we were officially a fulltime RV family. We worked while Aleks was homeschooled, all the while continuing to travel.


In 2021 Aleks graduated from Liberty High School, and joined the Army as a Medic! So there we were -  empty nesters. Out on the road together as a couple, still travelling and exploring our country and any others that happen to grab our interest!


Has it been perfect? Easy Street? Not even close! During this time, we have also encountered things that grounded us and forced us to focus on the important things - some expected, and one of the furthest and worst things we could have imagined. We have had some challenges with RVs, campgrounds, vehicles, but along the way met some of the most wonderful people that we have ever run across.


We have gone through a kidney transplant (San), Covid issues with lockdowns and people getting kicked out of campgrounds, a cancer diagnosis and treatment with a parent, and loss of loved ones… But through it all, this lifestyle has enabled us to be where we were needed when we were needed. Stay in places that allowed us the freedom to do what was necessary and right for our family.


Our goals are to see every state and every national park. And along the way we are looking to explore new and interesting places, meet different people, try out all the best local foods, find Jeep trails, Scuba and snorkel in any body of water we find, play pickleball with crews all over the US, catch sunsets and sunrises, watch the stars, and anything else that strikes our fancy!

However, at the end of 2023, we realized that there was much that we were still missing, and travel in the RV was becoming a bit harder. Dogs are getting older, chances to "get away" were hard to come by at times, and there were some real life flexibility challenges that have caused us to change our lifestyle.


So, in April of 2024, we became brand new home owners once again. While exciting and allowing us to build community again, it does not change our desire to travel - just the type of travel is changing. More flights and hotels, maybe a cruise, Islands and more international - who knows!

So take a peek inside our story and continue to follow along… life is short, make it an adventure!!












Steve & San


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