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Where are we going first...

Updated: May 6, 2021

In fact, we really have nothing too sophisticated for the first trip. Our house is sold at the end of February 2019, then we leave ... slowly. We plan to stay around for a few weeks as we await the delivery of our new RV. We must then run south to Florida to establish the residence, obtain our permits, registrations, insurance updates, etc. ... Once this is over, we embark on a leisurely cruise down the coast to meet friends near Charleston, South Carolina during Spring Break! This week is a week of vacation (and I think a well-deserved break!). Really, it will be our break-in period for the new RV and our full-time RV lifestyle ...

After Charleston, we will be back in the area for Aleks' Boy Scout troop. He has been working really hard on his Eagle award and we want to make sure he can his project to completion. Then we will spend the summer up north! I can't wait to tell you where we are going, it is one of my favorite places in the US (so far, as I haven't been out west yet).

We have planned incredible things for the summer and winter of 2019! Praying season 1 in the new RV treats us well so we can continue our adventures.

Safe travels!

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