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Spring vacation in Charleston, SC!

Updated: May 6, 2021

This year our Spring vacation took us to Charleston, SC. We stayed at the James Island County Park for 10 days and it was pretty great!

But first, let me recap our travels. Our house closing was February 28th and immediately after we signed the papers we took off and started driving south. We stopped in NC to visit our friends. After a wonderful week end, we continued on 95 south to our final destination; Starke, FL. We stayed in Florida all of March and half of April. We took care of all of our residency paperwork, vehicle registrations and such, while also waiting on the delivery of our new RV. We were thinking the RV would be ready end of April or beginning of May which would have been right after our vacation. That was fine since Ashland, VA was on our way to Northern Virginia, which was our next destination. BUT, as always, things don’t go as planned!

We got a call April 15th that our RV was ready for pick up, in Ashland, VA. So we packed up our RV that night and left Florida. We made the trip to Ashland, VA in one long day. We were exhausted. And then we had to get everything out of the motorhome, clean it up and get it ready for the exchange. Then we spent the next few days transferring everything over to the new RV and getting it organized before heading south, again, for our week’s vacation in Charleston, SC! By the time we showed in Charleston, all 5 of us (yes dogs included) were tired and just wanted to hang out and relax! This was a hard week of travel, excitement, and work. Steve still had to work that week, which made it even more stressful as our whole life was in this RV, and we wanted to make it feel like home. So this vacation week was welcomed and we had a fantastic time exploring Charleston and the beaches with our dear friends.

It didn't disappoint! James Island County Park’s campground was amazing! The sites were nice and big with the option of getting a buddy site if you were camping with friends. That’s what we did, we had a huge site and we could come and go as we pleased. Camping is definitely more fun with friends!

We did several sunrises on Folly Beach, had a great breakfast at one of the local restaurants, and then had a great visit at the local lighthouse: Morris Island Lighthouse. It was beautiful, the whole morning was just perfect, discovering nature and what was around us. The kids had fun drawing in the sand and collecting seashells. I had fun exploring the beach and taking pictures.

This little boy has my heart; actually has had my heart since he was born! He is such a great kid, and so full of life, that he makes life fun and adventurous!

This bigger boy, who is now 16, also has my heart! This is one of the few pictures he let me take of him! And this is probably one of my favorite pictures of him and Steve! Always ready to explore with us and always up for new experiences.

We decided to take a boat tour of the Charleston Harbor. We boarded the Carolina Belle on a beautiful day and explored the harbor. We saw old town with the church steeple poking through. We saw Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie. We then saw a palm tree being plucked from someone’s property and relocated with a huge crane! We saw this beautiful bridge connecting downtown Charleston with Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island. And then of course we went by USS Yorktown CV-10 docked at Patriots Point. There were other boats going to different places. For example, there was a boat going to Fort Sumter where you could get off and visit the fort. Or another boat going to Mt. Pleasant for a night on the other side of Charleston where you could find great food and entertainment.

Here are the photos from James Island County Park. Yes, there were alligators in the ponds! We were lucky to have seen a few. It was a beautiful park!

If you have the chance to go camp at this park, I would highly recommend it. But be sure to reserve well ahead of your scheduled vacation. Spots go quickly!

Happy travels!

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