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Scuba Diving Trip

Updated: May 6, 2021

Steve and Aleks have gone on an incredible scuba diving trip for Christmas and New Year 2018-2019! It was a high adventure trip coordinated with our scout troop. They had to get scuba certified and pass a medical exam to attend. They spent a week on a boat off of Key West, Florida. As expected they had an amazing time! It was a unique journey in their life that they will remember forever. And since they came back, Aleks can not help but talk about scuba diving. This is one of his other passions!

They saw nurse sharks, rays, all kinds of fish and corals! They drove the boat and participated in daily chores, as well as fishing and night diving. Really an unforgettable trip!

I stayed at home with the dogs and worked on getting the house ready. All the inspections also took place at that time, which worked well. I was able to relax, take time for myself and enjoy myself before things got crazy! I ate what I wanted and I could stay in pajamas all day long if I wanted to! It was a vacation for me as much as it was for them!

With all this snow in Northern Virginia, we cannot wait to hit the road and go to warmer places, and scuba dive again!

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