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Updated: May 6, 2021

Do you know what we prefer to do when we travel? Visit the local farmers' markets! We like to experience gastronomic adventures and find places where locals go shopping to taste local products. This is one of my favorite farmers' markets located near Chocorua, New Hampshire. We arrive strategically on Friday afternoon so that we can go shopping at the market for our week! This farmers' market offers delicious cheeses and mushrooms, as well as great produce and breads. It's a real gem. If you are near Mount Chocorua, you should visit the Tamworth Farmers' Market, located at 30 Tamworth Road, Tamworth, NH. We would like to have recommendations for the farmers markets that you think we should visit, so do not hesitate to send them to this email! rvcrazyorwhat@outlook.com.

Safe travels!

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