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Updated: May 6, 2021

We have had a lot of mixed responses as everyone has been asking us what we are doing! And our best response is #livingthervlife. This hashtag was started by a couple who RVs fulltime, Marc and Julie of RV Love. We have been following them for a while before jumping in with both feet and deciding to take the leap! It truly was a leap of faith.

We closed on our property February 28th, 2019 and started our drive immediately after. It was emotional as I cried when we finished signing all the papers. I was so happy to see our property go to a wonderful couple but I was also sad to leave it. We were very blessed to have found them, and blessed the whole process went smoothly! It has been a whirlwind since our closing date. On our way to Florida, to establish residency and get our DLs updated we stopped in NC. Then it was a mad dash to Florida so we could get set up early on that Monday morning.

So we started our adventure in our old motorhome, a Tiffin motorhome with bunk beds, and drove to Clayton, NC to visit with our best friends. They moved to NC last summer and hadn't seen them since the fall. Their house is beautiful and their new neighborhood is very cute. They drove us around to visit Clayton and a small town called Wilson. We had a great lunch at a southern fried chicken place that has been there forever! And then we visited an area where an old farmer's hobby is on full display! His name is Vollis Simpson. He started making whirligigs long ago and his structures drew so much attention that a park was built in his honor! You can now visit this park - The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park.

Look at all those whirligigs made out of metal! What a great display for everyone to enjoy!

Our friends!

We loved all the colors and the joyful effect it had on everyone. It was a great reminder to not be so serious and have some fun!

This was a great representation of the reason why we want to travel the country - so we can find hidden gems away from the more popular places. We want to experience true America and its people. Visiting and spending time with people we normally wouldn't and learn about people's history and our American heritage. Live more simply so we can enjoy each other. Those are really the reasons for this major life change.

After this wonderful week end was over it was time to get back on the road and drive down to Florida to establish residency and get our Driver's License updated and take care of all the fun paperwork! You know how that goes!!

Until next time, friends!

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