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Johns Hopkins Hospital

Updated: May 6, 2021

If you haven't read yet San's story, she has Chronic Kidney Disease and is currently at stage 5 (End Stage Renal Failure) and awaiting a kidney transplant. To read the full story click here.

Kidney disease is diagnosed by blood tests that specifically relate to your kidney function. There are 5 stages of renal failure from 1 to 5, with number 1 being the onset and renal failure at the final stage. For more detailed information about this, click here. I am in the final stage of kidney failure with 14% of renal function and a creatinine value of 3.9. Normal is less than 0.6. The year 2019 began with a visit to Johns Hopkins Hospital to be evaluated for a kidney transplant. It's a bit of a long process, I have this appointment for 4 months. Steve accompanied me for moral support and to get more information from the donor side. He wants to be a donor. He ended up completing a donor application. We are trying to be part of their kidney exchange program, which is similar to a "give one to get one" program. Since Steve and I do not match, he will give his kidney to someone who matches him and I will get a kidney from someone who matches me. The evaluation went well. They are advancing with our transplant which is a relief. Now, Steve has to go through a series of tests and we'll spend another day at JHH for his assessment. For my part, I still have to have my mammogram, my stress test and my chest x-ray. I have already done the echocardiography and initial blood tests while at JHH. It is a little unreal that we are moving forward now in this process. I am so grateful to my husband who is willing to donate one of his kidneys so that I can live longer. He has been such a wonderful man, husband, friend and supporter. I do not know what I would do without him. He made me a better person for sure! I worry too, because you never know what's going to happen post transplant, but I just have to trust in God, trust the doctors, the nurses and the surgeon. I will be in one of the best hospitals in the country and I will have an excellent support system. For now, we are planning our life in the motorhome and look forward to traveling and documenting our trip. If you have questions or if you are going through the same thing, I would love to hear from you!

Safe travels!


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