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Have you ever been Jeepin'?

Updated: May 6, 2021

A while back we decided to visit Hot Springs, AK. We stayed at the KOA, not far from the Hot Springs National Park. The KOA was great, people were super friendly, and the park itself was clean. We met some really nice people!

While at the park we saw dozens of RVers and campers travel with their modified Jeeps, off road vehicles and bikes. We would see them leave in the morning and come back in the evening completely covered in mud. So we had to ask where they were going.

Turns out there was an off road park just a few miles down the road! So we decided to check it out! It is called the Hot Springs ORV Park.

When we totaled our little car, a brand new Ford Escape, because of a deer, we decided to check out the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. We figured it was a small enough car that had enough room for the dogs and our 16 YO, and it was higher off the ground and felt safer overall. It came with the off road package, and we thought that would be a great way to visit MOAB and other Jeepin' places! So we took it out for a test drive!!

Dreaming of off roading!

This off road vehicle WAS white! Looks like a great time.

Taking air out of the tires. I didn't know this but the tires have to be down to 18 psi!

We even took the GoPro out and set it on the roof.

Waiting to go!

The funny thing is this doesn't look as threatening as what it did when we were there. Thie camera is distorting the reality! We tried to move that branch but couldn't because it was too heavy! Our Jeep isn't lifted, yet... and we were concerned about the thickness of the branch. But we made it!

Here again it doesn't look too wild. The property this park is on is beautiful! Lots of water, forest, and very interesting trails.

Aleksei went down the hill to tell us what was out there. Unfortunately, we had to back up the entire trail or we would have been in trouble!! And I'm not ready for that yet!

Overall it was a fun day! I was uncomfortable a bunch of times, because some areas were really too steep for us, and we had to turn around. We definitely need to find trails that are less aggressive for our little wanna be bigger Jeep! Ha!

We are hoping to go on more off road adventures soon.

See you on the trails!


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