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Updated: May 6, 2021

Remember how I said we already saved by not buying things we did not need? Well, I can not believe how much we have accumulated over the years. It's really embarrassing. At one point, I thought our kitchen was too small and I was still wondering where to put everything away. Only now, I realize that I should have cleaned some things a while ago and I would have recovered my cooking. Unbelievable!! Every time I sell things, more and more batteries seem to accumulate. But I think we are getting there. It's a bit painful to have to do that, but the best part is that I do not miss anything that I've gotten rid of so far! Which means I will not miss it either in the motorhome! It's a win for me and a bigger win for Steve! ahaha I have a lot of things to photograph that I keep, so in a way, I get rid of more things in the kitchen to be able to keep more things in the photograph. Photography is more important to me. And that's the thing. You must find what is important to you and worth keeping. Is it worth knowing where it will go and how / when will you use it? In the kitchen, everything we have must have a double or even triple duty. All that is used for a single task must find a new home. Our family appreciated this process because it inherits many of my really great pots, mattresses, tables and other equipment from Le Creuset. So in the end everyone is happy! The kitchen of our new 5th wheel is very nice because it has lots of storage. At this point, I have finished reducing the size of the kitchen and I think I may have gone a little too far, but I will not know until we live there for a few months. I would rather have fewer things than too many things and not be able to do everything. I started living as if we were already in RV, being aware of what I really needed and taking notes that I really have to keep ... like shoes ...;) As you can see, we are preparing all these items for the sale of our estate next weekend! The basement still has the couch, chairs and stools.

If you had to downsize, what would be your items to keep? The next step is simply cleaning up what's left and getting into the RV before the day of settlement.

Safe travels!


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