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Breakfast Lakeside!

Updated: May 6, 2021

It's a super fun breakfast to prepare for camping! You need a good fire, sausage, potatoes and eggs for breakfast and make it near a lake! This campsite in Chocorua, NH KOA did not disappoint. I must mention that we had a holiday there 3 years in a row! This KOA is one of the best we have visited. The lake is incredibly beautiful and if you are lucky you can get a site directly on the lake with your own terrace overlooking the tall pines that line this lake. Each waterside site feels very private with the tall pines all around and plenty of space between each site. One of the best things you will see here is Mount Chocorua! I discovered this beautiful view when I was kayaking on the lake. Is not it beautiful? As I came around the turn, the mountain appeared and took my breath away. A must visit if you have the chance to go to New Hampshire!

All we did here was cook Steve's sausage on the fire with the diced potatoes. We prepared the sausage at home and froze a large quantity. We made 1 to 2 pound bags that we have frozen. Then, before the trip, we took some of the sausage and added it to the freezer of the camping vehicle. Steve likes to make his own sausage and honestly, it's the only one I eat because I know exactly what's in it! We plan to do this when we start driving full time because it's so good! Potatoes take longer, so make sure you start them first. Once the sausage was browned and the potatoes were cooked, we added sausage and onion eggs and made a nice omelette. Nothing beats this breakfast by the lake in a beautiful campsite. The best part of this breakfast is that everything is done outside! Which means my kitchen stays clean!

I hope you try this! 1 lb breakfast sausage 3 potatoes cut into small cubes 1 onion cut into cubes 6 eggs (usually 2 eggs per person) 1 tablespoon butter for the pan

Enjoy with a good cup of coffee and fruits! Safe travels!

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