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A budding music artist!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Our 17 year old son started producing and releasing his own music! He puts a lot of work into his music and is so creative.

Being on the road we get asked a lot about what he does, what his interests are, his social life, and what kind of things he gets into. Living this lifestyle and being on the road and traveling to new destinations every few weeks has been a blessing. It's not perfect by any means but it has been a blessing for all of us. Being on the road allows us to see so many different things, meet new people from every walk of life; it allows our mind to be creative with our time, to spend a lot of time outside discovering nature and building relationships and memories. It helps with releasing the creative juices in his head! It may sound corny, but it really is that simple. By allowing ourselves to be open to new adventures, new sights, new sounds and new people, we start to see things differently and allow a more creative approach to everything in life. We don't feel as rigid as we used to be in a more traditional lifestyle. Before we left our "sticks & bricks" house in Virginia, and our former life, Alex had always been creative with everything he touched and had always been amazing with music. But for whatever reason he had a mental block/creative block. He had been stuck and just couldn't seem to get out of it. After about 6 months on the road, his creativity started flowing and little by little he was able to create music again. We saw the switch when it happened and while some days were easier than others, it was a work in progress. And now after 2 years of traveling all across the country his creativity is flowing like never before.

We are living a unique lifestyle which is not for everyone. He is not lacking in anything. He has made friends, learned to play pickle ball, built an off road ramp with his friends for bike tricks, volunteered at multiple food banks, and so much more! There are so many opportunities for connecting and getting involved within the RV community that it is hard to list them all.

He has recorded outdoor sounds to use in his music, from birds chirping to rustling leaves to water flowing freely in a creek, and when touring the Houston Space Center it gave him an idea for a great song and he was able to find recordings of the voice counting down to take off! How amazing!

Every musical instrument you hear in his music is all done by hime. He records every piece separately and then puts it all together using softwares. He has always played an instrument ever since he was 4. From a mini keyboard, to piano, to the acoustic guitar, to concert quality recorders, to a saxophone, to a trombone, to an electric guitar. I am probably missing some, but music is part of his soul. God gave him this amazing gift to share with others.

And I am so amazed at his courage for sharing his personal songs with everyone! It's not always easy to share our art with others but I am so glad he did. I am his mother and I think everything he does is amazing to me! HA! But, really, go give his music a listen and give him a like or two!

He is an amazing almost 18 year old who I am going to miss terribly when he leaves. But I am also very excited about his future and what God will have him do.

You can find him under his stage name Alex Oberlin wherever you find your music and on IG under Alex Oberlin Music.

And when he is not making music you can find him in the great outdoors! He loves being outdoors and he loves nature. We love this lifestyle and only wish we would have started earlier!

If you have any questions about RVing with kids, let me know! We love to talk about it, so don't be shy just ask!

Take care and have a blessed day.


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