About Us

This is us! I am a photographer by trade and always behind the camera and I just realized that I do not have any photos of the three of us together! I'll have to change that. 

Meet Steve, Aleks and our two shepherds Kai and Pepper! 

We are a full time RV family and love to travel! Steve works full time and Aleks is homeschooled while I work on the blog.

We have been RVing part time for a few years now and decided to make a change to full time RV life at the end of 2018. We sold our house and everything in it, or almost everything in it! Traded our Tiffin motorhome for a fifth wheel with a mid bunk room for our 15 year old. You know how they are at that age...And hit the road in February 2019!

We decided to create this blog to help us document and share our journey from selling our house to our travels to our RV lifestyle with our family and friends. As the name might suggest, we might be a little crazy. 

So take a peak inside our story and follow along this amazing journey to get closer as a family while we travel the beautiful United States!

XO, Steve & San


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